Wisconsin Shares The Wealth!

The Badger State is expecting a budget bonanza of almost $400 million, and the government now is returning a chunk of it to the state’s families!

Taxpayers can claim a rebate of $100 for each dependent child, but they’ll have to act fast. Claims must be filed on or before July 2.

The give-back, which is called the “Child Sales Tax Rebate,” is meant to offset state sales and use taxes on purchases made in 2017 for raising a child, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue announced.

The child must be age 18 or younger on Dec. 31, 2017. Taxpayers just submit each child’s Social Security number and date of birth to apply. More than 500,000 rebate claims already have been received.

Taxpayers can make a claim online at childtaxrebate.wi.gov or, of course, give EricJohn Ltd. owner Eric Buechler a call – quickly. The Wisconsin tax agency said it is holding fast to its July 2 deadline.

Gov. Scott Walker and the State Legislature decided on the rebate after hearing about a projected budget surplus of close to $400 million. The Department of Revenue credited “sound fiscal management and a strong economy” for the windfall.

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