Want a tax advisor with 18+ years experience? Need to schedule a tax appointment during work hours which enables you and your spouse to attend from different locations?  Would you like to avoid the hassle of finding a babysitter for your appointment?  No problem.  Welcome to the Online Advisor difference!

Individual Tax Services

  • Federal & State Personal Return Preparation
  • Multi-state Personal Return Preparation
  • Tax Planning with Retirement Plans
  • Electronic Filing & Direct Deposit/Withdrawal
  • Tax Planning Services For: Stock Options, Divorce, Stock Sales, Real Estate Investments, Maximizing Itemized Deductions – Non-cash Charitable Donations, & Disabled Taxpayers is a partial list of planning topics
  • Paperless Document & Information Storage
  • Review and/or Amendment of Prior Year Returns


Critical times for a tax accountant’s help are:

  • When you have incentive stock options or restricted stock options (many taxpayers inadvertently calculate double tax on those sales)
  • When you are exercising and holding company shares.
  • When you hold company shares in your 401(k)

We can connect you simply and securely on the Web. For most appointments, you can save travel time, child care costs, and mail delays.

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