Sales Tax Talk Just In Time For The Holidays!

’ Tis the year’s big selling season and those sales come with sales taxes.

New business owner, seasoned proprietor with tax questions and bookkeepers in all industries can delve into the details of Minnesota’s state and local sales taxes without spending too much time on Dec. 6.

The Minnesota Department of   Revenue is bringing its free Basic Sales and Use Tax class from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to the Heintz Center of Rochester Community and Technical College. The Center is at 1926 College View Road East.

The course covers information about sales and local taxes, exceptions to them, and records needed to track them, among other topics.

Have a half-day away from the cash register to get comfortable with Minnesota’s sales taxes?  Sign up online at

Minnesota Revenue will draw out the big picture. For specific advice concerning your own business taxes, feel free to contact EricJohn Ltd. owner Eric Buechler at our Web site or by phone.